Tuesday, August 17, 2010

100 Degrees? No Problem!

Since I've received so many comments from so many people about riding in the Summer heat (and how unbelievable it is), I feel like a post is warranted.

At this point, I have the same response: "I'll take 100 degrees over 30 degrees ANY DAY!" Surprisingly, most people look puzzled when I make this claim. NO, I'm not bragging or acting macho or doing it for shock effect. The fact is it is true - riding in the heat (95F or above) is much more enjoyable than riding in the cold (39F or below).

Here is a short list of reasons why:
1) In the heat, moving along in the open air on a bike at 18-20 mph is like having your own, giant portable fan to cool you down.
2) Conversely, moving through the open, very cold air, at 18-20 mph generates your own micro-climate wind chill effect that makes you feel much colder!
3) Riding in the heat, your muscles are warm and flexible, ready to crank it up. Riding in the cold, it takes much longer to warm up the muscles and the body just seems like it is less enthusiastic about strenuous exercise and would rather stay under the warm covers.
4) Clothing! Do I need to go through the list of what's needed on a cold winter day? Layers of clothing, ski mask, special gloves, shoe covers, etc. And you might not need all you wore in the morning on the return home, so you are lugging a heavier backpack on the way home.
5)Plus, it takes longer to get ready before a cold weather ride and longer to change when the ride ends.
6)Oh, and did I mention ice, snow, cold rain, heavy winds, frost bite, and chapped lips?
7)On hot days, it is simple - wear as little as possible and get a tan. :-)

I'm not trying to talk anyone out of riding in the Winter...I do it every year. But, hopefully, this will eliminate some of the confusion over why riding in the heat trumps riding in the cold.