Thursday, November 17, 2011

Peppers and Eggs

My Italian grandmother knew more about diet and nutrition than most mainstream dietitians and fitness gurus today. Contrary to popular stereotypes, she did not eat pasta every day. Instead, she built her meals around meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, and dairy (esp lots of yummy cheeses), buying them fresh and daily at the market. One dish she loved to make when she got a nice batch of peppers was "peppers and eggs". She'd fry the fresh peppers in Extra Virgin Oil Olive, imported always from Italia, and then mix in the scrambled eggs, yokes and all. Salt and pepper to taste. It you prefer, grate some fresh Romano cheese on top right before eating. 

That's it - simple, nutritious, and what can be more Primal than fresh veggies and eggs?

Usually, when my grandmother got a fresh batch of peppers, she wouldn't wait until the morning - she'd cook up the peppers and eggs for dinner. I can still remember the aromas and the taste when coming home from classes....and her proud smile as I cleaned my plate and went back for more. I've carried on the tradition, making it a regular breakfast choice. Living in Texas, we have a long growing season for peppers and I'm still harvesting them in my backyard garden in Mid-November. Here are some pics. Hope you like it. Buon Apetito!  :-p