Tuesday, April 26, 2011

WOW (Work Out of the Week)

This work-out is called a Continuous Combination.

Continuous, because you do not rest between any of the sets. In a classic weight/strength training session, you would normally rest between sets. Not here. This will improve your endurance while also improving your cardio-respiratory health.

Combination, because it is designed to work the entire body, not necessarily with each individual exercise, but by combining sets that target different parts of the body, it is a full body workout. In order to get maximum performance from each set, and avoid rest periods, the sets are interspersed between Upper, Core, and Lower Body. This gives each major area time to replenish lactic debt while another major area is working. In addition, the combination is further enhanced by integrating Cardio, Weight Lifting, and Pilates into one full body work-out.

12 Mile Bike Ride OUTSIDE.
50 Jumping Jacks with 7.5lb DBs

While doing the below Combos, the objective is to have continuous motion. In other words, no resting between any sets or combos.

First Combo
Upper: Bench Press, 1st Set, 21 Reps, base weight
Core: 15 Leg Raises on Bench
Lift: Bench Press, 2nd Set, 14 Reps, increased weight
Core: 15 Leg Raises on Bench
Lift: Bench Press, 3rd Set, 7 Reps, further increased weight
Core: 15 Leg Raises on Bench

Second Combo
Upper: 21 Preacher Curls with 20lb DBs
Core: 10 Ab Wheel Reps
Upper: 14 Preacher Curls with 25lb DBs
Core: 10 Ab Wheel Reps
Upper: 7 Preacher Curls with 30lb DBs
Core: 10 Ab Wheel Reps

Third Combo
Upper: Seated Rows, 21 Reps, 175lbs
Legs: Leg Press, 21 Reps, 220lbs
Upper: Seated Rows, 14 Reps, 190lbs
Legs: Leg Press, 14 Reps, 235lbs
Upper: Seated Rows, 7 Reps, 205lbs
Legs: Leg Press, 7 Reps, 250lbs

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WOD (Work-out of the Day)

30 Jumping Jacks with 10 lb Dumb Bells
30 Wood Chops with 10 Kilo Medicine Ball
30 Sit-ups with 10K Medicine Ball
30 Push-ups
30 Punches (per side) on Heavy Bag
30 Leg Raises from bench
30 Rows (Pulling 190 lbs)
15 Leg Curls with Pilates Ball
30 Curls/Arnold Presses with 25/30 lb DBs
15 Wheel Rolls
30 Dips from Bench
300 Total