Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Ten Rules for Getting and Staying Fit

1)    Do not diet - a good lifestyle leads to good health, a short-term fix to failure.
2)    Eat in Abundance: Meat, Poultry, Fish, Eggs, and Green Vegetables.
3)    Eat in Moderation:  Fruits/Berries, Nuts, Seeds, Root Vegetables, Dairy, and Oils.
4)    Avoid: Sugars, Grains, and Alcohol.
5)    Cook From Scratch: Restaurant and Processed Meals are hazardous to your health.
6)    Walk, Bike, Run, Swim:  3-5  times each week.
7)    Cross Train: 2-3 Times each week - diverse work-outs using lift, push, pull, jump, punch, throw, balance, stretch exercise variations.
8)    Absorb Natural Sunlight: spend up to an hour outdoors each day.
9)    Stimulate Growth Hormone: Get lots of Deep Sleep (consistent pattern of 8 hours every night), Lift Heavy Weights, and Fast Intermittently.
10)    Embrace Manual Labor:  Incorporate Exercise into Daily Routine - Bike to Work, Walk to Store, Do Your Own Yard Work, Use Hands Tools, Dig Garden by Hand.

People often ask me how I keep in shape, what do I do. Well, here it is. I can write a full chapter, maybe more, on each of these rules. For now, I just wanted to spell it out.

Often, when asked, I don't always give a complete explanation. Diet/Fitness seem to me to be like Politics and Religion - everyone one has an opinion on the subject, they are often ill-informed and loosely based on fact and/or logic, and they are near impossible to change. Not to mention, the emotional and potentially hostile response one might get. My guess is that to most people - those immersed in the mainstream, commonly accepted way of 21st Century life - my lifestyle may seem a bit extreme, or inconvenient. I can say with full confidence, having lived it for years, that it is not. My health-based lifestyle strives to mirror those of my ancestors whenever possible and practical. So, if it seems to differ, be extreme or "weird", that is a recent phenomenon. Countless centuries past and, more importantly, what my DNA expects, is much more consistent with my lifestyle.  

Instead, the issue is one of mindset. If you can't think outside the box, then you can't eat or exercise outside the box either. And, like so many others in that category, you will struggle with your health for the rest of your life.