Thursday, October 1, 2009

Summer's Gone

It's October and, yes, the heat is gone. So, start checking your winter gear and make friends with Mr. Wind...he'll be around for a while. When I rode into work this morning through the blustery wind, I couldn't get this song out of my head. Wonder why?


Summer soft ....
Wakes you up with a kiss to start the morning off
In the midst of herself playing Santa Claus
She brings gifts through her breeze

Morning rain ....
Gently plays her rhythmns on your window pane
Giving you no clue of when she plans to change
To bring rain or sunshine

And so you wait to see what she'll do
Is it sun or rain for you
But it breaks your heart in two
When you find it's October
And she's gone
And she's gone
Summer's gone
Taking with her summer's play

Winter wind.... Whispers to you that he wants to be your friend But not waiting for your answer he begins Forcing dangers way with his breeze

- From Stevie Wonder's "Summer Soft"

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