Friday, October 9, 2009

Morning Rain

It rained, no, it poured all last night and this morning and was in the low 50's. But, I rode my bicycle into work anyway. Not only did I ride in, I loved it! So, my co-workers are convinced that I'm crazy. It's amazing how many of them said, "I can't believe you actually rode in today! You're crazy!" To which I contentedly responded, "I can't imagine not riding in on a day like today".

Admittedly, they can't understand, but riding on a day like today is special, something to relish. Being out in the elements you feel especially alive as others huddle in the sealed comfort of their motor vehicles. The rain tapping its melodious, almost hypnotic tune on the canopy of the trees, the roaring of the stream nearly bursting over its banks, the red flash of the cardinal skirting through the brush. How peaceful, how serene! Chisholm Trail in Plano was particularly enjoyable.
Of course, having the right equipment makes all the difference - high viz rain jacket, warm layers underneath, water proof gloves, rain cap for helmet, yellow colored protective lens for eye protection and better vision on dark days, some form of waterproof protection for feet (I use a combo of galoshes and gators), and bright lights.Ok, so maybe I have become a bit touched about biking - but morning's like this one are something to look forward to!

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  1. Life is to be lived. A pity for those who don't live...